On this week's edition of The Matt Crow Show, Lubbock city council District 5 candidate Brian Carr talked with Matt Crow about his campaign.

As the chairman of the Lubbock Health Board, Carr had some interesting thoughts on Obamacare. While he agreed that there were a lot of problems with the previous system, he admitted that Obamacare as it is now is not the right solution and needs more revision to it. He also said that the health care system as a whole needs to focus more on prevention instead of just treatment.

"We call it a health care system, but it's really a "sick care" system. We need to make it a health care system and get preventative, reach out to people and prevent stuff, because that's always a lot cheaper. So if we can keep that focus and that keep it to where people can understand it and participate in it, then I think that's going to be the real key."

Carr has also been quite outspoken about campaign funding, especially concerning his opponent, the incumbent councilwoman Karen Gibson. But he commented that it's not really donations from big-name organizations like West Texas Home Builders Association that bother him. Carr said what people should really be looking at are the donations from individuals who donate large amounts, upwards of $1000, to his opponent's campaign.

Carr also spoke about his medical background and shared his thoughts on bond elections, power and water, and the future of Lubbock. For more information on Brian Carr and his campaign for District 5, visit his website at carrforlubbock.com. Early voting for the local elections begins Monday, April 28th, and election day is May 10th.

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