On Monday's edition of Lubbock First News with Tom Collins and Laura Mac, Congressman Randy Neugebauer visited with Tom and Laura about current issues facing the nation.

Regarding the border crisis, Neugebauer said that there are 3 main issues that Congress is addressing, including the border not being secure. "...we need to...beef up our border. Our border is not secure. The President said it's secure, but it's not", said Neugebauer. He stated that Congress has been working to increase resources available to help and reimburse states if they call up the National Guard, as well as taking action to remove incentives for illegal immigrants to come here. In addition, Congress has provided additional funding to take care of the children until they are returned to their own country.

Other topics that were discussed included the upcoming Congressional recess, The U.S. Senate's lack of action on issues, Executive actions taken by the President to bypass Congress, recess appointments by the President, Russian President Vladmir Putin's recent profiling by "Psychology Today" as regarding many world leaders with contempt, as well as using intimidation against the same.

Congressman Neugebauer also provided information on his upcoming Town Hall meetings for cities in his district.

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Randy Neugebauer on Lubbock's First News 08/04/14