During Wednesday's edition of Lubbock's First News on KFYO, Brenda Duby of United Supermarkets dropped by the studio to provide some advice on healthier alternatives to traditional Fourth of July foods.

The Fourth of July is almost here, and millions of Americans will be celebrating America's birthday with hotdogs. Registered Dietician Brenda Duby provided some tips on how to eat some good foods and stay healthy, too.

Applegate Naturals hot dogs are the best option if you do choose to grill out for the Fourth. "You don't usually hear the dietician talking about hotdogs," Duby admitted. She added, "people are going to eat this so you may as well help them figure out the best one."

These delicious Applegate franks have half the calories and less than half the fat of the average hot dog, yet still remain juicy and flavorful. And it is real beef, not turkey. As a side, baked potato chips are a healthier alternative to their fried counterparts and are still delicious.

For those who prefer grilled vegetables, United is selling 4 ears of corn for $1. Asparagus is also on sale, along with watermelons, another summer favorite. In addition, peaches, avacados, tomatoes, and all kinds of meat will be on sale for this Fourth of July.

Cherries are yet another item on sale at United Supermarkets, and Duby shared how these friuts can be turned into a patriotic plate. By covering some cherries in white chocolate, leaving some uncovered, and adding in blue berries, you can make a tasty American flag on a serving plate.

For more information on the deals and products of United Supermarkets, visit the United Supermarkets website.

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