Last night, seven Republicans took the stage to debate in New Hampshire. There were some good moments, and some questionable moments by different candidates. This was truly the first debate because it involved most, if not all of the candidates who are hoping to win the GOP nomination. Governor Rick Perry and Sarah Palin weren't there, so who knows if all candidates were really there.

During the show this morning, we will be discussing what the candidates said and how they did. Biggest surprise of the night for me was Michele Bachmann. I think she had some really great answers and showed that she was ready for a long campaign. I thought Gingrich also did a pretty good job at restarting his campaign. Is it too late for him? Probably so, but man is he smart.

The please exit the race candidate? Ron Paul. Look, I agree with many things Ron Paul says but I can't get past his views on the military. It's hard to take Paul seriously and this isn't the year for sideshows.

What did you think of the GOP debate? Did you watch the debate? Do you have a favorite candidate yet?