Here's a good reason to not make your dentist angry. Especially if you just so happened to have dated your dentist, then broke up with her.

In Poland, a man left his dentist girlfriend for another woman. Just days after the break up, he came back to the ex-girlfriend complaining of a toothache. The scorned ex just could not resist the chance to get back at him in a drastic way: yanking ALL of his teeth out.

Anna Mackowiak, 34, is facing jail after taking her revenge on 45-year-old Marek Olszewski when he turned up at her surgery with toothache just days after breaking up with her.

She gave him a heavy dose of anaesthetic and plucked his teeth out.

She then wrapped his head and jaw in a bandage to stop him opening his mouth and said there had been complications and he would need to see a specialist.

The dentist faces medical malpractice charges and could face up to 3 years in jail for her actions. And while her actions were definitely over the top, you have to wonder why in the world this guy would go back to his ex just after breaking up with her. Did he not think she would try to get back at him in some way?

It just goes to show you that the old saying is true: hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.