The Houston Chronicle's Austin Bureau on Thursday posted a story, that included the racial breakdown of current and future Texans.  (Click here for story)

The main point of the story was to point out that the Anglo population in Texas is dramatically decreasing and the future of the state is worse off because of it.

Today's Texas population can be divided into two groups, he said. One is an old and aging Anglo and the other is young and minority. Between 2000 and 2040, the state's public school enrollment will see a 15 percent decline in Anglo children while Hispanic children will make up a 213 percent increase.  ¶The state's future looks bleak assuming the current trend line does not change because education and income levels for Hispanics lag considerably behind Anglos.

The report from Steve Murdock, Rice University (click here for bio) was delivered to the Texas House Mexican American Legislative Caucus.

While the Houston Chronicle relays enough details of Murdock's report to delivery a summary; I'd like to read the whole report.

What about the Black and Asian racial groups?  Within the parameters of Murdock's research, how much of a hindrance are illegal immigrants?  What about outside economic forces and regulatory pressures?  In the categories cited, income levels and education, what is the percentage difference between the Anglo and Hispanic groups?  While education levels can be a large barometer of a person's future success, they certainly aren't the end-all be-all. Particularly for one racial group.

The Chronicle at the end of the story, only cites projections for the whole state in 2040.

Whether the report is on target, or not, I'd like to think that in 29 years we'll be better off than what all of the naysayers out there think.