On the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Democrat John Cook spoke with Chad Hasty about his campaign for Texas Land Commissioner.

Cook has served as the mayor of El Paso for 8 years, and believes that his municipal experiences and over 25 years in the communications field gives him an advantage in the Texas Land Commissioner race, Cook described himself as a "conservative Democrat," and that he is pro-life with a long service of military family history.

Cook gave his thoughts on the issues with the recent VA scandals, saying that the system used by his forefathers wasn't working for the younger generation of veterans and was is sore need of repairs. He added that the lack of transparency and honesty made these scandals even worse, and that it's not just people at the top who are to blame, but the administrators of these programs need to be punished as well.

"Those veterans, by the way, when they went off to serve in the military, they were given a promise. And the promise was from the American people that you serve our country, and when you come back, we'll make sure we take care of you. That's a promise that we have to live up to."

Cook also shared his thoughts on the immigration issues on the US-Mexico border. He believes that these "refugees" are fleeing from violence caused by American demand for illegal drugs. However, he added that the people who have crossed the border illegally should not be allowed to stay, as it would only encourage more people to try and cross illegally.

For more information on John Cook and his campaign for Texas Land Commissioner, visit his website at cookfortexas.org.

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