Texas Tech University accepted a research investment today from the Deer Breeders Corporation.

The investment in support of a white-tailed deer and cervids research program totaled more than $850,000. Tech researchers at The Institute of Environmental and Human Health, led by associate professors Ernest Smith and Steve Presley said the investment provides unique research opportunities.

“We are very grateful for the continued support from the Deer Breeders Corp. and are excited about this unique research opportunity,” Smith said. “The forward-thinking of the Deer Breeders Corp. has led to a great collaboration with our researchers at Texas Tech that will strengthen and promote an emerging and growing sector of the agricultural industry.”

The funds will be used in part to construct a dedicated research facility for the project. The facility will be used to investigate drug residues, insect-borne disease transmission dynamics, and study nutrition and genetics of white-tailed deer and cervids.

Deer Breeders Corporation is a non-profit company that provides deer auctions and other support to deer breeders.