The deadline to report annual groundwater use to the High Plains Underground Water Conservation District is approaching.

June 1st is the deadline for owners of certain wells or well systems to report groundwater production for calendar year 2012 to HPWD.

Groundwater production from certain wells or well systems must be recorded either through use of a flow meter or an alternative measuring method, such as natural gas consumption, electricity consumption, or nozzle packages and hour-meter readings on center pivots.

The information can be reported using paper forms submitted to the HPWD office or with electronic forms at

For more information, call the HPWD at 762-0181 or visit their office at 2930 Avenue Q in Lubbock.

A moratorium on enforcement and civil penalties for failure to submit production reports is in effect for calendar years 2013 and 2014 to give people time to become acquainted with the groundwater reporting process.