Friday on Lubbock's First News, David Langston, former Mayor of Lubbock and currently partner at the Mullin Hoard and Brown law firm.

On Thursday, L. Scott Mann, also known as the "Sandstorm Scholar," made comments about the lack of transparency surrounding the North and East Lubbock Community Development Corporation (NELCDC). The NELCDC is surrounded by some controversy regarding the use of tax dollars, as well as its connection to the law firm. Langston responded to some of those allegations.

Regarding the request for records submitted, Langston said, "All the reports are available to the public. Copies were made available to the news reporter and to the Sandstorm Scholar. A reading of them shows what was paid for every asset and reveals every liability. There is no secrecy or transparency." He said the only thing not yet provided are the email correspondences requested, for which they are waiting on the Attorney General's opinion on whether these are covered under the Freedom of Information Act.

Listen to the interview:

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