On the Tuesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, David Guenthner from the Texas Public Policy Foundation talked with Chad Hasty about all the latest coming out of the Texas state legislative session.

The Texas legislative session is now in its second half, and so far, only one bill has made it to the governor's desk. But that will be changing very quickly, as several bills will be voted on this week. Guenthner said some of the most important bills being voted on will be the school charter bill and the school choice bill.

Concerning the charter school bill, he said that the waiting list to get a child enrolled in a charter schools has gotten ridiculously long, and that the cap on charter school needs to be raised, particularly in the areas with low-performing schools.

"From the perspective of the parent, you've got one chance to raise the kid and teach them how to read. And if you don't get it right the first time...you're going to be playing catch up for the rest of their schooling. And if the local schools that are in place are low-performing and not really structured to teach them how to read in those early formative years, do you really have five or six years to wait for that school to get turned around?"

Another important vote this week will be the Senate's version on the budget, which will be voted on tomorrow. Also, the House's "Sunset Bill" will be voted on tomorrow as well.

Throughout the Texas legislative session, you can listen to David Guenthner Tuesdays at 9:05 during The Chad Hasty Show on NewsTalk 790 KFYO. For more information of The Texas Public Policy Foundation, visit their website at texaspolicy.com.  You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter @TPPF.