Friday on Lubbock's First News, actor David Gaschen joined Tom and Laura to talk about the upcoming performance of Les Miserables, hosted by Moonlight Musicals and Lubbock Symphony Orchestra.

For the production of Les Miserables, Gaschen will be acting the role of Jean Val Jean. He reflected on his change in professional interests from business to music, describing his long dedication to playing the role in Les Miserables and his passion for other musical roles. Gaschen described seeing Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables, which initiated his desire to play those roles. He said, "That's when I switched to music and became a vocal performance major... I was hooked from about probably 15 but I really made the decision when I was about 21."  For more details on Gaschen's work, visit his website.

The opening night of the production will be November 21 and will run through November 24. For tickets, visit Select-A-Seat website or call 806-770-2000. More information can be found on the Moonlight Musicals website.

Listen to the full interview for more details and a sample of Gaschen's vocal talent:

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