Candidate for Texas Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick, discussed his campaign and recent attacks by his opponent David Dewhurst on the Chad Hasty Show.

Dan Patrick, a native of Houston, TX, has been Senator of District 7 since 2007. He has worked on various legislation while in the senate, such as passing a bill that protects surviving spouse' of disabled veterans from increased property taxes and a $170 million dollar tax cut for small business.

In the exclusive interview, Patrick commented on alleged attacks from the David Dewhurst campaign regarding Patrick's past struggles with depression.

Patrick said, "During this run-off campaign, David Dewhurst has not run a single ad on why he should be re-elected. . . He has spent $3 or $4 million attacking, not just recently, but the entire campaign, with outrageous attacks, false attacks, or those built on great distortion. . . . It's fair game to criticize one's voting record or their leadership record, but not personal attacks." Patrick goes on to say that his campaign has not once attacked David Dewhurst personally. "We've tried to run a clean race and a positive race and focus on issues."

Regarding his race for Lieutenant Governor, Patrick wants voters to know that he's been the chair of education while in the state senate and that he's been fighting against c-scope and keeping common core out of Texas. "I've been the leading conservative in the senate based on all the conservative report cards. . . I'm ready for the job; I'm prepared for the job." Patrick said. He goes on to claim that seven senators have endorsed him, including 28 house members and even 90% of conservative party groups in Texas.

On the show, Patrick discussed the signature differences between him and his opponent Dewhurst. He says that the main difference is leadership skills. He said that every session since Dewhurst has been Lieutenant Governor, he's given over half of the democratic senators committee chairman seats. He also raised concerns that since Tommy Williams, chairman of finance, resigned from the senate in October of last year, a replacement has not yet been named by Dewhurst.

Chad also asked what Dan Patrick's main priorities would be as Lieutenant Governor. In response, Patrick said that priority taxes are a big issue. He says it's important for people to own their own home, but because of high property taxes, that's not possible.

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