On the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show Matt Lewis, contributor to the Daily Caller and The Week, talked with Chad Hasty about the future of the Republican Party.

According to Lewis, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio might be the Republican party's best hope for winning the presidency. Lewis said that in today's political world, you have to be an outstanding communicator and a "rock star" in order to be successful. He believes that Rubio could be the "rock star" for the Republicans, and that he has the ability to inspire people and get them fired up, as shown in his speech at last year's Republican National Convention.

"To win the presidency in the modern era, you sort of have to be a rock star. And I know a lot of people think that's superficial...but that really does matter. Think of Ronald Reagan, the great communicator. And I think that Rubio, he's obviously very smart, the fact that he's Hispanic probably doesn't hurt either, but more than anything I think it's his ability to communicate and to sell the conservative vision that is appealing.

Lewis said that he thinks the public is ready to switch from liberal to conservative, but that thy don't want to return to the "good ol' boys" mentality from the Bush days. He added that Republicans have had a hard time winning over certain groups like minorities and voters in highly urbanized area. But he believes Rubio would have a good chance of winning those groups over.

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