“I’m concerned about the direction of our country and where it’s heading.”

That was Republican senate candidate Craig James talking on KFYO about why he’s running for the U.S. Senate.  He’s been a sports announcer, and he’s also known as the father of Adam James, a former Texas Tech football player who was a key figure in events that led to Mike Leach leaving Tech.

Regarding the government, James said it’s too big.

“Now we’ve swollen up and we’ve got this monster size government that’s not practical.”

Is it time to put in a balanced budget amendment?

“It’s long overdue.  You and I have one in our households.”

And when asked about the controversy regarding Mike Leach…

“It’s a simple matter that Mike Leach did what he did, and he’s tried to place the blame on everyone else, and not take ownership for his actions.