Is Randy Neugebauer a Fannie Mae Republican? It's an issue that was brought up in November of 2010 because of an editorial piece out of the WSJ and one that is being brought up again today by the Winn campaign. It's a debate that is good to have but one that isn't a black and white issue in my mind. It's something that is easy to now look back on and point out the mistakes, but maybe wasn't so clear back then.

It's a worthy debate and one that should be had. In fact to hear both sides of the issue, I encourage you all to go listen to the interviews we did with both Chris Winn and Randy Neugebauer. Both lay out their arguments and Neugebauer explains why he did what he did.

There has been a lot of discussion lately as to why the local media didn't bring these issues to light in 2010. I have received email's from listeners wondering why I never brought it up with the Congressman in one of our Monday morning interviews. A lot of time has passed since November of 2010, so I don't blame anyone for forgetting, but the fact is we did bring this article up on Lubbock's First News with the Congressman back in 2010. Do I remember his answers from back then? No. Do I wish other news outlets would have picked up on the story? Absolutely. Questions should have been asked back then. We at KFYO did and I'm glad we did. Even the Congressman remembers us bringing it up as a topic in 2010.

My big question is why didn't Chris Winn, then Lubbock County Republican Chair, and his allies make it a point back in 2010 or before? It's fine to beat the drums over this issue right now, but why did it take so long? Was it because of the political game? Winn said on LFN that at that time he was an "ambassador", which basically meant he wasn't supposed to criticize the our representatives. I wouldn't have blamed Winn at all for making it an issue years ago if he believed that Neugebauer was hurting this country, but making it one now shows that years ago it just didn't fit into his and others agenda at the time. Winn should have taken the leadership role then instead of rubber-stamping a candidate.

Again, the issue that Chris Winn has brought up is a fair issue that should be talked about. In my opinion, he brought it up too late in the campaign, but at least it's finally being talked about after almost 2 years since the WSJ editorial.