On the Wednesday edition of the Chad Hasty Show, Councilman Todd Klein joined Chad in studio to give his thoughts on the latest coming out of city council.

One of the big issues city council has addressed is a possible ban on synthetic marijuana. Although Klein agrees that the drug should be pulled from the shelves, the real question is whether or not the city can actually issue such a ban.

"From what's being researched and what I've been provided with so far, it's simply a question of legality. Can we do that? Do we have that kind of jurisdictional oversight to do something akin to an executive order? And it looks like maybe we don't."

Klein said that if a ban is issued, the language would need to be broad so that the product cannot go back on the shelves after a slight change to the formula.

Another big issue being discussed is the Godeke library. Klein said he would like to see a lot of citizen input on this particular issue. He also said, concerning the possibility of hiring a library consultant, that the city has plenty of first-hand experience and input the citizens of Lubbock can provide in lieu of a consultant.

Klein also discussed how night meetings have affected city council , and spoke with former councilman Paul Beane about a possible location for the Godeke library.