On Friday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Councilman Todd Klein talked with Tom Collins and Laura Mac about the latest coming out of city council.

At Thursday night's city council meeting, the council elected not to create another library committee to study library needs in the city. Klein said that the matter has been postponed indefinitely, and that the original library committee has already been working very hard on the issue of what to do with Godeke library. However, he added that he would still like to hear citizen input on the matter.

I think when we are spending other people's money...you've got to be very careful. And I think the key on any decision making whenever it's done communally, I represent my peer group, as do the other council members, is to get that involvement on the front side. Ask the stake holders, for instance, the library, library board, library patrons, residents at large and taxpayers as well, "How do you want us to go about this? What do you want to see?"

Klein also discussed the northeast development in Lubbock. Klein was the only one to dissent on the matter last night, stating that the issue he had was the refunding the project, which was estimated at over $250,000.

Although it was not a major topic at last night's meeting, Klein also shared his thoughts of the synthetic marijuana ban, saying that education would be a major key in preventing these substances from getting into the wrong hands.