I don't know about you, but I can't stop watching the coverage of the tsunami that hit Japan. The images are sad and amazing, and it shows just how powerful nature can be. The media has been on top of things and they have been able to bring us stories and experts that have been pretty informative.

This morning though, it happened. ABC News was the first, that I've seen at least, to ask, 'Could It Happen Here?".  I know it may seem trivial, but I can not stand when news organizations ask that question. When I see that segment come on TV, I change the channel because I assume they have reached the end and have nothing else to report on. All news organizations do this, even local ones though I'd be surprised if one the TV stations in town asks if a tsunami could hit Lubbock.

The answer to the question is... yes. Yes, we could have an earthquake in America. Yes, a huge tsunami could impact the United States. Why is this even worthy of discussion on the news? Having a segment on that question only serves as filler.

Again, I know this seems trivial, but I'd rather the news not treat us like we are morons. Maybe one of the reasons that people seem less educated now is because we have to dumb down everything and not make people think. We have to have news segments dedicated to an easy question and have experts "break it down" for us.

It's just one of those pet peeves of mine.