A Texas U.S. Senator discusses the ObamaCare arguments before the Supreme Court and an amendment to block the listing of a reptile from the Endangered Species List.

Senator John Cornyn sat in on oral arguments at the Supreme Court of the United States for the Affordable Care Act, and weighed in on what he heard. “The biggest problem that the proponents of ObamaCare had in answering the justice’s questions yesterday is to say what limits would there ever be on federal action under the Commerce Clause if this is okay,” said Cornyn.

“If you can not only regulate commerce but create commerce by forcing someone into the commerce and then regulate it, there is no rational or principled limitation to how far the federal government’s powers would extend.”

Cornyn has also offered an amendment to the Energy Tax Credits Modification bill on the Senate floor that would block the proposed listing of the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard, also known as the Sand Dune Lizard, to the Endangered Species List.

If this particular lizard is added to the list, it could shut down oil and gas production in parts of West Texas and Eastern New Mexico for two to five years. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has acknowledged deficiencies in their understanding of the lizard’s habitat and the impact of natural events and human activities on the habitat.

“The misplaced priorities of the White House threaten property rights and jobs for West Texans, and are a missed opportunity to lower energy prices for consumers nationwide,” said Cornyn.