Today on Lubbock's First News, Congressman Randy Neugebauer discussed with Tom and Laura a number of pressing matters in the U.S.

Congressman Neugebauer has recently written a letter to the President expressing concern over the poor border security. "If we can't keep children out of our country, from coming in here illegally, how are we going to keep [out] the people that really want to do something harmful and bad to our country?" Congressman Neugebauer asked. He followed by criticizing the lack of law enforcement towards illegal immigrants. According to NPR, 50,000 illegal immigrant children have been detained in the last eight months and around one hundred thousand are estimated to arrive in the coming year.

Another topic discussed by Congressman Neugebauer was the U.S. Marine currently detained in Mexico. "It's funny. You know, the Mexican government takes their laws very seriously, and what we're saying to the rest of the world is that the U.S. doesn't take their [laws] seriously... It's a crazy world out there where kids can get into our country but a marine can't get out of jail in Mexico." Congressman Neugebauer hopes that we are doing everything possible to get this marine back.

Congressman Neugebauer explained the monetary battle between House and Senate. If either one does not sign a check for the Executive branch, the Administration will run out of money, and the House and Senate will have to compromise to keep the Government running. Congressman Neugebauer stated that this makes it difficult for the House to withhold funds from the Executive branch.

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