Today on Lubbock's First News, Congressman Randy Neugebauer discusses the controversy surrounding the swap of five high ranking Taliban for American Bowe Bergdahl.

After being asked by a listener if he considered the trade "treasonous," Congressman Neugebauer stated that while he believed the trade should not have happened, he would like to have a full report on what went down before making any claims against President Obama. Congressman Neugebauer went on to say there are a lot of rumors going around, and the facts will have to be investigated to decide how to react, stating  "we shouldn't have done the exchange in my opinion. That is just a bad precedent. I think it puts not only American soldiers, but I think it puts American citizens at risk." Congressman Neugebauer followed this with a statement "we need some facts here. We got a lot of speculation, we need the facts."

Although Obama claims that the released terrorists are "under surveillance", Congressman Neugebauer doubts the authenticity of this claim.  Even within his own party, many are outraged with Obama's decisions and actions. Senator Feinstein herself, along with other Democratic Party Senators and Congresspersons, are upset with the whole ordeal.

Talking of the recent VA crisis, Randy stated that while the immediate problem has largely been alleviated, the big issue long term is ensuring that this problem does not happen again. Allowing more veterans to visit private doctors and hospitals has helped minimize the problem for our veterans, but other long term methods for ensuring their health are still being considered.

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