On the Wednesday edition of the Chad Hasty Show, Congressman Randy Neugebauer talked with Chad Hasty about some of the biggest issues affecting Washington.

Negotiations have started in Washington over what to do about the fiscal cliff. But according to Neugebauer, President Obama has been very uncooperative in these talks.

"The President is really not being realistic. What the President's plan is basically more taxes, more spending and more debt. And what I think the President has forgotten is what began all these discussion and how we got to this point to begin with is the fact that we've got a government that spends too much money and borrows too much money and takes too much money from the American taxpayers."

Neugebauer also addressed the possibility of going over the cliff, saying that doing so would finally put pressure on everyone to start taking action. When asked if he would cave in and raise rates, he held firm to his stance of not raising rates and that Republican must focus on cutting spending instead.

Neugebauer also talked about the U.S. giving 20 F-16 fighter jets to Egypt. He said that, although the agreement was made before the regime change in Egypt, the U.S. needs to seriously reassess their relationship with the various countries in the Middle East. Neugebauer also talked about the possibility of automatic voter registration and labor unions.

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