On Monday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Congressman Randy Neugebauer talked with Tom Collins and guest host Sondra Ziegler about the latest going on in Washington.

With the election just one more day away, Neugebauer is confident that Romney will win and that Obama is starting to feel the heat. He said that Obama is "out of touch" with the general population and does not have the leadership skills necessary to run this country.

"I thought [Obama's] comment over the weekend, "You need to go out and vote for revenge," that was very un-presidential. And Governor Romney said, you know what? Go out and vote for America, for the patriotism, for the price that's been paid for Americans to have that right to vote, but certainly not for revenge."

Neugebauer also discussed the estate tax policy, which will expire at the end of this year if Congress does not take action. Neugebauer said that this tax was very important to the local producers, and that if this policy expires, taxes will increase significantly and could force some producers to either sell their farms or borrow a large amount of money. Neugebauer said he hopes to work on resolving this issue quickly after the elections.

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