On Monday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Congressman Randy Neugebauer talked with Tom Collins and Laura Mac about the latest going on in Washington.

Last week, attorney general Eric Holder singled out the state of Texas and demanded the voting laws in the state be changed. Neugebauer said that Holder's actions are just the latest example of the Obama administration disregarding the decisions of the Supreme Court, which had ruled earlier in the month that part of the Voting Rights Act was unconstitutional. He added that it was very important to make sure that all voters, not just the ones in Texas, are legal to vote and prevent voter fraud.

Neugebauer also discussed last week's National Security Administration surveillance votes in the House. Neugebauer did vote in favor of the Nugent amendment, which would prohibit the NSA from targeting U.S. citizens. However, he spoke against the Amash amendment, which would have essentially eliminated the NSA's phone record storage program.

"I think one of the things that has been frustrating about this issue is the amount of misinformation that's kind of floating around out there...I've had unclassified briefings and I've also had classified briefings and I have not heard anything at this point in time, but I'm certainly watching this issue, that leads me to believe that the individual liberties and freedoms of American citizens are being violated by this particular program."

Neugebauer went on to says that the program was important in helping to protect the country from terrorists, and reiterated that the NSA does not collect the content of phone calls and must still go through a court procedure in order to obtain phone information.

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