On Monday's edition on Lubbock's First News, Congressman Randy Neugebauer talked with Tom Collins and Laura Mac about the latest going on in Washington.

Tonight in Lubbock, there will be a hearing on the Lesser Prairie Chicken. The hearing will determine whether or not the chicken will be added to the endangered species list, a decision that could potentially have major effects on various industries in the region. Neugebauer is encouraging everyone to attend this meeting, and would like to see more facts be presented before a final decision is made.

"Last Thursday, I sent a letter to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife director, Daniel Ash, detailing to him that he should let some of these state fish and wildlife agencies work through a plan that they're working on, and also that he should increase the comment period here and push the listing decision on forward. We need to make sure that this decision is made with science and not just from the fact that they had a lawsuit and are just trying to fast track a settlement for that."

The hearing will take place at 6:30 PM at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center.

Neugebauer also speculated what President Obama will be talking about in his upcoming State of the Union address. He said that, while he hopes Obama will address the budget problem, all he seems to come up with is excuses as to why the government cannot cut spending. Neugebauer also addressed a listener's question on national defense.

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