Lubbock’s congressman has filed a bill which he says will prevent taxpayer funding for abortion referrals in public schools.

District 19 U.S. Representative Randy Neugebauer introduced H.R. 1122, the Protecting Life in Funding Education, dubbed “PRO-LIFE,” which would restrict funding to school districts that contract with third party “school-based health centers,” unless they certify that they won’t perform abortions or provide abortion referrals or materials to students.

“Our school health centers should be a place of healing and education for students,” said Neugebauer. “They shouldn’t be used as a tool to advocate for abortion, and certainly not with federal taxpayer dollars.”

Neugebauer’s office points out that school districts in California, Oregon, New Jersey, and New York are partnering with Planned Parenthood to provide health services to students.

Neugebauer introduced similar legislation in the 112th Congress. The current bill has 43 original cosponsors.