Monday on Lubbock's First News, Congressman Randy Neugebauer talked about delays to progress with the Keystone pipeline, as well as House Bill 7 and immigration.

Neugebauer believes President Obama is waiting to cite studies to show the Keystone pipeline will have negative impacts. Neugebauer said, "the president keeps waiting for the next study amd the next study. They've come out and they all say they don't see any environmental problems... The president is running out of excuses."

He also followed up on the conversation on House Bill 7 that says no taxpayer money will fund abortions. However, the exceptions to this bill includes abortions as a result of incest, rape, or life of the mother. In addition, Neugebqauer spoke on immigration, suggesting there should be more aggressive actions toward those illegally living in the country. He believes President Obama is impeding progress to be made by exercising his power:

Listen to the full interview: