Officials in the City of Lubbock will be challenged on their ruling of private citizens serving food without a permit to the public  according to information shared from a listener with KFYO talk show Pratt on Texas.

Pratt listener Alex Scarborough is organizing the potluck to be held at Overton Park on 14th Street and Avenue U on Monday July 25th at 7:30 PM and those wishing to attend should bring a dish of food to contribute to the act of civil disobedience.

Scarborough writes,

"Any one interested in sharing Potluck in the Park is welcome to join us Monday evening for a special evening of fellowship and celebration of our American freedoms. If possible please bring a dish that was prepared in a non certified kitchen. We are encouraging room temperature potato salad, plenty of boiled eggs, some home grown produce and the like.

Bring your own lawn chairs, tables, plates, napkins and silverware. Each person bringing a dish needs to furnish a serving utensil with it. I hope that some of the needy can join us, so bring enough for your family and one or two more.

A water hose will be available for any needing a refreshing drink."

This act of civil disobedience is beyond brilliant.

The very act of defying the soft tyranny in our local city government is needed. This isn't a moment where the organizers are being flippant. On the contrary, its a move that is popping the balloon of overreaching government.

How long will the people of Lubbock lay back and allow their liberties taken away by growing local government? Forget what happens in Washington and in Austin. We must stop the encroachment here or we should go ahead forfeit our rights and allow our civil society to rot away.

The power is in your hands.