I am a college student and I love dogs. I would love to have a dog, but at the same time, I know that I could not be able to properly tend to and take care of the dog the way it deserves. This is a message I want to get out to more college kids.

I have many friends who have various forms of pets; some have dogs, others cats, a few have gerbils or hamsters and one even has a scorpion. I do not doubt any of these pet owners’ love of their animal, but I do doubt their capability to look after and be responsible for another life. I have seen first-hand the highs and lows of college pet ownership. I have seen friends be responsible and go straight home after class or work and take the dog for a walk, or let it outside so it a can run around. I have also seen friends stay out of their house from dusk till dusk without going home and completely neglecting the animal.

The fact of the matter is we, as college kids; do not have the time, resources or the maturity to be responsible for another life. We cannot give these animals the time and devotion they deserve. Our priorities are not on this animal, but instead going out, drinking and partying. We easily forget that this animal is back in our tiny little apartments with no food or water completely alone just waiting for the owner to come home so they can eat or go to the bathroom. Because we want to have a puppy or a cute little kitten when we come home, we buy or adopt this animal without truly understanding the amount of time money and effort it will require. Some of my friends would, eventually, wise-up and give the pet away to a family that could better take care of it, but others would decide to keep the animal and just continue neglecting it.

As a college student we are just barely mature and responsible enough to look after ourselves (most of the times we can’t even do that). Clearly, we are not in a position to be the owner and provider to another living being. So, to all my fellow college students, be smart and responsible and DO NOT GET A PET.