On Friday's edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Colonel Michael Bob Starr, candidate for U.S. Representative of District 19, joined the show to talk about his run for the seat and to share his views about issues facing the citizens of West Texas and the nation.

Starr and Hasty discussed many topics, including national debt and budgets, Starr's pro-life stance, immigration and national security.

Hasty asked Starr how voters can be sure that he won't transform into a typical Washington politician.

"Not only am I not a politician, and not having ever run for public office before, I have fought with the federal bureaucracy, I have made things happen in [Washington] D.C., and I've been there. I have been in that environment and I know how poisonous and seductive it can be," Starr said. "And so one of the things I'll tell you for sure is, I am not going to live in D.C. My home is in West Texas. I will go to D.C. to do my job, but I am coming back here and I'm going to spend as much time as I can in the district."

Starr said he would take a firm stance on illegal immigration and border security, but isn't convinced a wall alone would work.

"You can't have freedom without security. If we don't secure the border, then we undermine the very value that legitimate immigrants who come here seeking freedom, we undermine the value that they're coming here to achieve," said Starr. "So we have to start with securing the border, and it has to be more than just a wall. A wall hasn't been an adequate way of defending territory since about the Middle Ages. A wall can be part of it, but we need also need more people, we need more boots on the ground and we need to do a better job of leveraging military tools and technologies to make that border secure."

Starr also criticized President Obama, who he believes has been less than effective in securing the country's southern border.

"Obama has made our southern border a welcome mat, and it's a gateway for terrorists and criminals," Starr said.

Listen to the entire interview with Michael Bob Starr in the video above.

You may find more information about Michael Bob Starr on his campaign website.

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