Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson addressed local media Wednesday on the situation with the Wadsworth Substation and the power outages on Saturday and Monday.

Lubbock Power and Light informed the City of Lubbock that the lightning arrestor problem at the Wadsworth Substation is being repaired, but there is a chance of another power outage.

Repair crews will be working at the Wadsworth Sub-station Thursday, July 26th at 5:30 a.m. with the expected time of the repairs to take no more than one hour.

Mayor Robertson said it is not anticipated that power will go out tomorrow during the repairs, but measures would be taken to ensure essential city services will still operate.

The Emergency Operations Center will be open during the repairs and the Lubbock Police Department will have officers on duty to help with traffic.

Traffic crews will be on stand-by to fix affected traffic signals if power is lost and LP&L will have staffers on hand to answer phone calls from customers if an outage occurs.

Citizens who do lose power are advised to not call 911, but the City help line of 311 or LP&L at 775-2509. If water pressure is lost call the water department at 775-2588.

The Water Treatment Facility will have crews at the site and extra generators running to keep the plant operating if an outage does occur.

There is another sub-station in Lubbock which has faulty lightning arrestors, but Robertson did not know which station at the time of the Wednesday press conference.

Robertson and the City believes that the system has a batch of faulty lightening arrestors, but the number is unknown at this time and communication with the company which makes the arrestors wasn't known to Robertson at the time of the press conference.

Robertson was asked if the failure of the arrestor at Guava Station was due to a lack of preventative maintenance and Robertson responded,

"I am assuming a lot of the problem is deferred maintenance. It is a problem I have seen the last two months. "

Listen to the full press conference below.