On Monday's edition of Lubbock's First News, city secretary Becky Garza talked with Tom Collins and Laura Mac about the possible recall election of city councilman Victor Hernandez.

There has been a lot of discussion concerning the efforts to have recall election for City Councilman Victor Hernandez. However, there has also been a lot of misinformation circling around as well concerning certain dates and protocols of getting a recall election.

Garza explained that, in order to have a recall election, a person must collect signatures form 30% of the people who voted in the last general election. In this case, it would be the people who voted in the May 2012 elections. Of that 30%, 10% must also verify that they voted for Hernandez when he was first elected, which was back in June 2012. Garza went of to say that although the city cannot check to see which person voted for which candidate, they can verify if the person did or did not vote and in which district they voted it.

If the recall election did go through, Garza said it would take place in November during the next election season. She added that this would not be an election to replace Hernandez per say, but just to get him recalled. A separate election would have to be held in order to replace Hernandez on the city council.

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