The City of Lubbock will consider the annexation of four plots of land in forthcoming City Council meetings.

Cole Shooter,

At the Thursday, September 11, meeting, city council members heard public comments on the planning phase of four land annexations in South Lubbock. The proposed annexations would total over 700 acres, some of which would be used to develop half-acre residences.

Although each annexation item passed with some contention, that does not mean the new areas have been annexed. At the next city council meeting will be the first reading of proposed annexation ordinances to be voted on. If those pass there will then be a second ordinance hearing for each item which can then be voted into effect.

Some foreseeable issues with the annexations include linking the areas in with the city’s water and sewer infrastructures, as well as extending fire and other emergency services.

Councilman Victor Hernandez was opposed stating he would like to see economic development in existing districts in need. Mayor Glen Robertson warned that losing these areas to Wolfforth could represent a loss in tax base for the city and wishes to see a balance struck between the two areas. Once Wolfforth reaches a population of 5,000 they can begin annexing new land.

Barring the four annexations brought up in the September 11 meeting, the Lubbock City Council is now in the process of reworking annexation policy for the future.