On the Friday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Lubbock city council District 3 candidate Jeff Griffith spoke with Chad Hasty about his campaign.

Griffith said that the two biggest problems facing District 3 are water usage and LP&L. He added that he liked how LP&L was structured and that the problems seemed to only start cropping up in the last 18 months.

"The way that it's designed, I believe, is good. There are some overlapping issues between City Council and the EUB...however, the charge of the City Council is budgetary. And the City Council should be, with a fine-toothed comb, looking at every nuance of what LP&L puts out there. And obviously, there are some things that have passed that shouldn't have.

Griffith also spoke about the donations he received from the West Texas Home Builders Association. He said he was proud of the donations he received for the WTHBA, and added that a large portion of his donation came from his RadioLab customers, none of which have been anonymous donations

Griffith also shared his thoughts on annexation, raising taxes, and issues the council will face in the future like synthetic drugs and smoking bans. Early voting for local elections being Monday, April 28th, and election day is May 10th. Listen to the complete interview with Jeff Griffith here:

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KFYO Jeff Griffith 04/25/14

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