On Thursday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Jim Gerlt, candidate for City Council District 4, talked with Chad and Rex about his run for city council.

Currently, Gerlt is the executive pastor at Bacon Heights Baptist Church. He said his experiences as a pastor could serve him well if elected to city council.

"What I've done as a pastor, basically, is similar to what you do in city government, because you have to lead people. In fact, in a church you lead your employers, becuase  everyone who's out there in the congregation, they're your employers."

Gerlt said he would like to see some "common sense leadership" on the city council. He cited the health department as an example, saying that poor communication and delayed maintenance on the building led to the problems. In response to a listener's question, he seemed to be in favor of a strong mayor government instead of a city manager government, and supported the idea of city council members receiving salaries.  Gerlt also talked about he city charter, fees vs, taxes, and what he believes the core services of the city are.

For more on Jim Gerlt's campaign, visit his website at jim4lubbock.com.