At their meeting Thursday evening, the Lubbock City Council heard from a number of citizens concerned about the legal sale of synthetic marijuana, which some shops and manufacturers classify as potpourri.

Gina Johnson spoke during the citizen comments section, and passed around packages of the products to the council.

“Those are packages of poison, and they’re sold to your children, and my children, and every child here. They’re sold at smoke shops around town,” Johnson began.

She pointed out that oftentimes, the synthetic marijuana packages have cartoon characters on the packages, and explained her belief that the items should be banned.

“You cannot tell me that those products are not marketed for children,” said Johnson.

Others spoke in support of a local ban on synthetic marijuana, often sold at head shops around the city.

While there was no agenda item up for consideration regarding the product, some council members voiced support for a ban on the substances.

“This is a menace,” said District Two Councilman Floyd Price. “It is a dangerous drug, I tell you, and it’s legal on the streets of our city.”

Citizen Quentin Pollard, who classified himself as a recovering drug addict and alcoholic, weighed in on his belief that the substance should be banned.

“This K2 and this spice stuff is a terrible tragedy to our nation,” Pollard said. “I have had experience smoking this. I have smoked plenty of it…I have seen a friend die off one hit of it,” he continued.

City Attorney Sam Medina said that his office is working with the police department on potential agenda items which would make the substance illegal in Lubbock.

Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson asked the City’s legal department to inform the council on the legalities of a possible measure, and the scope available in a potential ban.