On Monday’s edition of Lubbock’s First News, guest host Cole Shooter and Rex Andrew discussed cigars, government regulations on tobacco, and the “pleasure police” with Cigar Dave, host of the Cigar Dave Show.

“The General” Cigar Dave likened the regulations and higher taxes on cigars to higher taxes and outright bans on other areas such as fatty foods and sugar, and raising taxes on these products can work as a de facto ban on the items.

“When you talk to one of these food police, pleasure police, or these climate change people and try to say ‘well let’s look at the facts; let’s talk science’, they don’t want to hear it,” said Cigar Dave. “

"They really believe that we’re dumb; that we are like a bunch of three or four year olds that can’t make up our own minds…they wag their finger at all of us saying ‘we’re much more educated and smarter than you are, therefore we have to tell you how you should live and what you should eat.”

Cigar Dave also discussed the basics of getting into the hobby of smoking cigars and the major differences between smoking cigars rather than cigarettes.

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