Tuesday on the Chad Hasty Show, Charles Perry discussed his candidacy for Texas Senate since Robert Duncan has been selected as the next Chancellor of Texas Tech University.

Perry believes Duncan is the perfect choice for Chancellor at TTU. Perry said, "I don't know if you'd find a better guy from a state government perspective." He believes Duncan's personality, work ethic, and determination have been the source of many of TTU's successes and will continue to make that contribution in the future. Perry also noted the importance of research in rural agriculture at TTU, which has gained credibility and earned Tech a place among other Texas universities over the years, and has been supported by Duncan. Perry suggested the most important thing is preservation of seniority in the Senate and hopes that comes into play with the new lieutenant governor.

Perry is running for the Senate seat that will cover District 28, with over 50 counties. Regarding what may help him since he served as a state representative of District 83, Perry said, "The good thing is that the economic interest is universal," including oil, gas, water, and agriculture as major interests. He observed this would make his transition to the new position an easy process. Perry also discussed legislation he hopes to see progress, such as equity funding in education legislation to make the system more transparent and equitable, as well as zero-based budgeting and a cap on state budgets that would offer a baseline for how excess revenues should be used. In addition, he hopes to see more conservative fiscal action if more conservative Republicans win Senate seats.

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