On Wednesday's edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Charles Moster, candidate for Lubbock City Council District 6 joined Hasty in the KFYO studio to talk about his bid for the seat.

The two discussed Moster's extensive background as an attorney and in government at the national level, as well as his views on government restrictions on private property rights.

Moster and Hasty talked extensively about how government regulation hampers business and restricts the rights of private property and business owners, and Moster shared his views on how the relatively new stormwater runoff fees have negatively affected local businesses.

Moster said, "I'm very much for eliminating as much government regulation as we possibly can. I mean that was my philosophy when I worked for the [President Ronald] Reagan administration, and the way I work right now."

While discussing the subject of local government regulation, Moster said,

"As soon as we get business involved with government and vice-versa, that's when we see increased costs, loss of production. It happens at the national level, it's happening at the local level Chad, and that's really what I've been emphasizing. With all the big issues in the debates, we're thinking about what's going on at the national level. Well, we have to fight the battle here in Lubbock Texas. That's what's going to effect us."

Moster continued, saying,

You can count on me to oppose positions that restrict the operations of business and free choice.

Listen to the entire Charles Moster interview, including a great listener call on stormwater fees, in the video above.

Visit Moster's Facebook page for more information.

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