One of the most talked about pieces of legislation in Austin is Senate Bill 16, which would require doctors to display a sonogram to a woman seeking an abortion. The bill also required doctors to describe the image and discuss any features that are visible. Also, the doctor would have to play the heartbeat out loud for the woman.

Many people have jumped on board with this bill, but now it appears it's undergoing some changes. State Sen. Dan Patrick has said that he would present a new version of the bill that makes everything optional. Patrick says that he never intended for the bill to put pressure on women seeking abortions.

I understand why he is rewriting the bill and I think it could still have a great impact on a woman's choice. Many women that seek abortions don't have all the information. Many are told that it's not really a life. When presented with the option of a sonogram, it might make a light bulb go off in their head that this fetus has a heartbeat, arms, fingers, etc. Given that information, a woman may choose adoption rather than abortion.

Yes, the new bill may not have as much punch as the old bill, but I believe it can still do a lot of good.