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Victor Hernandez, Facebook

Hernandez Survives

District 1 voters rejected an effort to recall Council Victor Hernandez last night. When early voting totals came out it was clear that the recall effort against Hernandez was going to fail. As I have said all along, it's extremely difficult to succeed with a recall. Organizers did a bad job of motivating and getting people to the polls throughout early voting and on election day.

Going forward, voters in District 1 must decide the direction they want to take. Do they want to continue putting someone in power who doesn't care about District 1 and only himself? Or do they want real leadership? Someone has got to stand-up in District and put their foot down and lead.

For now it appears as though Victor Hernandez will have a seat at City Hall for as long as he wants it. It up to the rest of the City of Lubbock to change the direction of the Lubbock City Council. For that to happen though, people must get involved and must vote.

Christie 2016?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie won big last night in his reelection bid for Governor of New Jersey. The focus then switched to whether or not Chris Christie could challenge for 2016. CNN pointed to exit polls in New Jersey that showed the potential strengths for Christie.

According to CNN exit polls of New Jersey voters, Christie was winning by high double-digits, just shy of a 20-percentage point margin over Buono, a state senator.

Christie performed well with groups that normally cast ballots for Democrats.

Early exit polls indicate the GOP governor grabbing 55% of the female vote, and winning all age groups other than those 18 to 29. Christie also took one fifth of the African-American vote and half of the Latino vote, a much better performance than most Republicans in recent elections.

As expected, Christie carried 92% of Republicans, according to the exit polls, but he also won nearly two-thirds of independents and just over three in 10 Democrats in a state where Democrats and independents made up nearly three-quarters of Tuesday's electorate.

Christie is seriously considering a run for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. The exit polls appear to bolster Christie's case that he's among the most electable of the potential GOP White House hopefuls heading into 2016.

The conventional wisdom was that team Christie was hoping for an impressive victory in blue-state New Jersey. Christie talked about the margin of victory earlier Tuesday.

"Christie Whitman was elected twice here and never broke 50 percent. Nobody (no Republican) since 1988 has had a 5 in front of their name in a statewide race," Christie said in an exclusive Election Day interview with CNN anchor and chief Washington correspondent Jake Tapper.

Christie appeared to be referring to then Vice President George H.W. Bush, who grabbed 56% of the vote in New Jersey in his 1988 presidential election victory.

"My goal always in this race has been to at least get to 50% plus one, and anything above that is gravy and so I'll be really happy with that because that's a historical achievement - in 25 years no one has done that in New Jersey so I'll be happy with that," added Christie. "I suspect we may do better than that."

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