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1. Local, Local, Local

The past few shows I have been taking calls from listeners who are upset with LP&L and want changes made. People in Lubbock are looking for someone to blame and they are frustrated with the large increase in their bills. It's easy to blame the City Council and the Electric Utility Board and yes they deserve a lot of the blame, but so do the citizens.

This is the City Council that the people of Lubbock elected. Those who have been paying attention knew that this council was left leaning. People who paid attention to the last City Council race should have known what Jim Gerlt and Latrelle Joy were going to bring to the council.

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh hit on a subject that I have talked about many times. Paying attention to what is happening locally. If you want to change things then it has to start locally, and if you look at Lubbock you know we have a lot of work to do.

Lubbock and Lubbock County are looked at as part of the deep red conservative stronghold, but is it really? Look at the Lubbock City Council. This council is dangerously close to raising taxes next year and they aren't worried about hiding that fact. The liberal block of the City Council is winning and depending on what happens in next year's election it could get even worse. What about LISD? Big spenders and a school district that continues to have poor test scores. At least the football stadium looks nice though. Lubbock County? Can you name a conservative Commissioner? Exactly.

Until the people of Lubbock decide to get involved and pay attention, you will continue to see Lubbock moving further and further to the left. People should be paying attention to what is happening nationally and state-wide, but what is happening locally is just as if not more important than the rest.

Tired of what is happening in Lubbock with higher bills, higher taxes, and failing schools? Pay attention.

2. DOJ Places Hold on Zimmerman's Gun (link)

In a move that shows just how serious the DOJ is about going after Zimmerman, they have now placed a hold on his gun. Even though Florida law demands he get it back.

The U.S. Department of Justice, overseen by Attorney General Eric Holder, has ordered the Sanford, Florida police department to keep possession of all the evidence from George Zimmerman's second-degree murder trial - including the exonerated neighborhood watch volunteer's gun.

Sanford police confirmed on Thursday that the DOJ asked the agency not to return any pieces of evidence to their owners. Zimmerman was expected to get his firearm back by month's end.

The development is a sign that the criminal section of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division is seriously investigating Zimmerman to determine if federal civil rights charges should be filed.

The DOJ is going to keep pushing this for a while.

3. Wendy Davis Heading to San Francisco (link)

The "rising star" of the Texas Democratic party is heading to California. Because things are working so well out there.

Texas Senator Wendy Davis — who became a national political celebrity with her determined filibuster of a GOP bill to restrict abortion — will join activist Sandra Fluke at a major EMILY’s Listfundraiser in San Francisco next month, we’ve learned.

Democrat Davis, who’s raised more than $1 million since her now famous June filibuster in Texas, will also appear alongside Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, one of the youngest women in the House, and EMILY’s List President Stephanie Schriock at the August 16 luncheon at the Fairmont Hotel.

Fluke, the reproductive rights activist who earned the enmity of conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh by speaking up on behalf of contraceptive funding, will be part of the panel discussion hosted by Voto Latino’s Maria Teresa Kumar.

The conversation will be about “the need for more women leaders at the local, state and federal levels…(the) relentless assault on women’s rights, and how EMILY’s List’s Strength in Numbers will be the key to success in 2014 and beyond,” says an organizational letter which went out Thursday. .

They expect a sell-out crowd is pro-choice San Fran. I really hope Wendy Davis runs for Governor. It will be great material for us talk show hosts.

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