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1. US-Russian Meeting (link)

So how will this diplomatic solution to Syria work out? You know that I don't buy it at all. I still believe we will see US military action in Syria. Today, Secretary of State John Kerry is in Geneva meeting with his Russian counterpart.

A hastily assembled negotiation between U.S. and Russian officials is set to open in Geneva on Thursday as Secretary of State John Kerry meets his Russian counterpart to weigh a proposal for removing stockpiles of chemical weapons from the Syrian government's control and forestalling a threatened U.S. military attack.

U.S. officials made clear that they aren't trying to settle one key point of disagreement that has emerged between Moscow and Western powers: whether the effort to put Syria's chemical weapons under international control should be accompanied by a United Nations resolution allowing for the use of military action for enforcement.

"Our goal here is to test the seriousness of this proposal, to talk about the specifics of how this would get done, what are the mechanics of identifying, verifying, securing and ultimately destroying the chemical weapons," said Jennifer Psaki, State Department spokeswoman. "And, this requires, of course, a willingness from both sides."

Mr. Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov are heading to Geneva for meetings on Thursday and Friday. Mr. Kerry will be accompanied by a team of U.S. experts who were set to meet with specialists from Russia to evaluate the details of the proposal.

The meeting in Geneva was arranged on Tuesday, as President Barack Obama prepared to deliver a nationwide address on Syria. The president blamed the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for an Aug. 21 chemical attack U.S. officials said killed more than 1,400 people. Mr. Obama announced plans for a military strike, then asked for congressional approval for a resolution authorizing the use of force.

Russia has said that they want the US to remove the threat of military action. I'm not sure that will work here.

2. Gun Debate (link)

Will the 2nd Amendment play a role in the Governor's race? The Texas Tribune seems to think so.

If state Sen. Wendy Davis gets into the race for Texas governor, abortion won’t be the only hot-button social issue dividing the major candidates.

The topic of gun restrictions will spice things up, too.

Davis, who became an instant political celebrity after filibustering a restrictive abortion bill in June, voted in favor of allowing students to carry guns in their vehicles on college campuses. She is a gun owner and has said she believes the Second Amendment guarantees Americans that right. In a lot of states, that would probably put her in the pro-gun camp.

But this is Texas, where licensed gun toters are allowed to bypass the metal detectors at the state Capitol and the sitting governor once shot a coyote to death while jogging. Ann Richards, the last Democratic governor, found out the hard way that getting between Texans and their guns can be politically dangerous. She opposed concealed handgun legislation and vetoed a referendum on it, handing George W. Bush a great campaign issue in 1994. Texans got a concealed carry law in Bush’s first session as governor.

Despite the risks, Davis, known for waging sometimes lonely political battles, has not been afraid to pick a fight over guns — in particular over gun shows.

As a member of the Fort Worth City Council, Davis tried to impose restrictions on guns shows held at municipal facilities. She wanted to ensure that people were buying from licensed dealers or otherwise faced background checks.

Under current law, nothing prevents people at gun shows from buying guns from other people attending them. Critics say evil-doers exploit this loophole by buying and selling firearms at gun shows, often in large quantities, that later show up at crime scenes. According to a recent reportin the Dallas Observer, for example, a Texas man went to numerous gun shows around the state to purchase dozens of assault rifles that authorities say were sold at a high profit to buyers who sent them to Mexico.

According to the report, one of his gun show stops was the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, which would have been regulated by the restrictions Davis unsuccessfully sought.

In a recent interview, Davis didn’t back down from her position on gun shows, though she acknowledged it’s not a politically popular one. She said that if she were governor, she would leave the issue to the will of the Legislature but would happily sign gun show regulations into law.

“I haven’t pursued it as a senator because I know it’s like spitting in the wind,” she said. “But I still believe it’s the right thing. And if I were governor and a bill came to my desk that provided for background checks at gun shows, I would sign that.”

It's great that Davis voted to allow college students to leave their guns inside their cars but that doesn't mean I trust her when it comes to guns. In fact, I want to hear all the candidates talk about Campus Carry and Open Carry. We need fighters in Austin who will protect the 2nd Amendment.

3. Texas Tech-TCU

I hate to burst everyone's bubble but Thursday night games stink. Texas Tech has a very important game tonight to open up Big 12 play and in my opinion, having the game played tonight is just terrible.

Most fans have to work today and most students should be going to class. That is a bit different than most game days when you can wake up a little later, watch a game, and tailgate. Part of the fun of college football is the all day experience you get with it. Football on a Thursday though? Instead of all day, you might get 2 hours in. Doesn't feel like a game day does it?

I will still be there and I know many of you will be there as well. Tomorrow morning we can all be tired together. Wreck 'Em and be sure to wear black.

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