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1. Boston

Today on the show we will discuss the terror attack at the Boston Marathon. Details will still be coming out today and for the rest of week. We may or may not know soon who did this or why.

What we do know is that there is evil in this world and sometimes we just can't explain it. We can just think of our families and friends and think about the love we have for them and they for us. We also know that people are quick to assign blame when something like this happens. We also know that rumors can spread quick about who might have said what. If you read something on social media about what someone might have said or who they might of blamed, do some research.

I pray that what happened in Boston will never happen again in this country, but sadly we can only assume that something like it will again. Because there is evil in this world.

2. Lubbock City Council

The Lubbock City Council will meet again today in a special meeting to again discuss the ongoing drama between Councilman Victor Hernandez and City Manager Lee Ann Dumbauld. Honestly, I have no idea if anything will come out of today's meeting. It's 50-50 at this point.

As we discussed on yesterday's show a recall effort is being led against Councilman Hernandez. I honestly don't see anything coming from this and actually I think it could be a waste of time.

Why a waste of time? Hernandez is already up for re-election (assuming he runs again) in May of next year. Instead of focusing attention on a recall effort that will probably fail, find someone to run. I like Ysidro Gutierrez but because of the history between Hernandez and Gutierrez, I'm afraid people won't take the recall effort that seriously. Plus, as I've said, the Councilman is up for re-election soon and the recall election (if it gets that far) would be pretty close to campaign time already.

If the people in District 1 are serious about getting Hernandez out of office, go find someone to run against him and do it now. Spend your time and energy on finding a candidate that can connect to the voters and one that shares their values.

There is someone who I believe should be recalled and it's because they still have a few years left before reelection. Someone who I believe has also put the City of Lubbock in a financially bad situation. That would be the smarter move.

What do you think?

3. Tax Cuts for TX Businesses (link)

Governor Rick Perry is calling for tax cuts for businesses in the state. Perry's four point plan would provide nearly $1.6 billion in tax relief.

With less than two months remaining in the 83rd legislative session, Gov. Rick Perry on Monday called on state lawmakers to find $1.6 billion to give Texas businesses relief from the state’s franchise tax.

Perry’s proposal consists of four parts: reducing the overall franchise tax rates by 5 percent, making permanent a $1 million deduction for businesses with up to $20 million in gross receipts, lowering the rate for businesses that file their taxes using the state’s simplified “EZ form” and allowing out-of-state companies that relocate to Texas to deduct their moving expenses.

Perry said Texas needs to invest in more tax relief because other states are considering cutting their taxes to match Texas.

“The idea that we can just sit here and think we can stay at the top of the heap is just not correct,” Perry said Monday at a news conference at the Austin Chamber of Commerce.

The plan has the support of groups like the Texas Association of Business and the National Federation of Independent Business, though both groups have previously called on lawmakers to eliminate the franchise tax entirely.

David Guenthner with the Texas Public Policy Foundation will join me at 9:05am to discuss this and more dealing with the Legislature.

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