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Ted Cruz Wants Answers

Senator Ted Cruz wants to know how releasing terrorists makes the United States safer. In a piece for Breitbart News, Cruz says Congress must act.

Americans are naturally eager to end the long war in Afghanistan, but that does not mean we should dismiss the threat that violent terrorist groups, such as the Taliban, pose to our nation.

Without any consultation with Congress, the Obama Administration plunged into negotiations with terrorists to release five terrorist leaders in exchange for Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl. The men released from Guantanamo Bay, the “Taliban 5,” were all high-level officials in the Taliban regime who gave aid and support to al Qaida in Afghanistan in the period leading up to the 9/11 attacks. President Obama has conceded there is “absolutely” a chance that one, if not all, members of the Taliban 5 will return to the battlefield to attack Americans once again.

These terrorists were complicit in the attacks that took nearly 3,000 innocent lives on September 11, 2001. American soldiers sacrificed their lives to capture these terrorists and lock them away in a place where they can do no further harm. Now they have been set free to plot further attacks on Americans, and American soldiers may well once again have to go into harm’s way to neutralize them. It is difficult to fathom why President Obama would put our soldiers in the position of answering the same call of duty twice.

President Obama must explain how this policy makes us safer.

Later in the piece Cruz lays out legislation that he will introduce in order to get answers from the administration.

In order to give the Obama Administration the space and time needed to answer these questions, I will this week introduce legislation to freeze, for six months, all federal funding for transferring detainees from Guantanamo.

The Obama Administration can be expected to resist; indeed, President Obama is reportedly considering releasing more terrorists from Guantanamo despite the public outcry about the Taliban 5.

Congress must act.

You can read the entire editorial from Senator Ted Cruz to Breitbart News by clicking the link above.

Flipping Texas

The Blaze has a pretty good article up on the fight for the future of Texas and the movement to turn Texas blue. As The Blaze points out it's all about the Electoral College and that if the left can turn Texas blue, it would be tough for Republicans to win the White House.

The reasons for focusing on “turning Texas” are obvious. It’s all about Electoral College math, and the calculations can be done by a second grader. Of the 270 votes needed to elect a president, if a few states with very large populations can be considered a “lock” for either party, it gives that party a large advantage before the actual votes are counted.

Consider the big states that default to the Democrats and the electoral votes they carry: California, 55 electoral votes; New York, 29; and Illinois, 20.

These three states alone going Democratic in a presidential election would give that ticket an instant 104 electoral-vote head start.

However, Democrats are also looking at swing states like Ohio with 18 electoral votes, Pennsylvania with 20 and Florida with 29 as strong possibilities for wins in 2016. That would put another 67 votes in the Democratic column, pushing the total to 171 expected electoral votes before a single ballot is cast.

Add Texas and its 38 electoral votes into the mix, and with just seven states, Democrats would start the 2016 election with 209 of the necessary 270 votes. The Left sees Texas as the key to an almost permanent, bulletproof electoral majority. [...]


The Democrats have assembled an all-star team of fundraisers, organizers and promoters, and they have been operating in Texas for more than a year. Reflecting the importance of the Right/Left fight for the Lone Star State, these activists have named themselves Battleground Texas.

The executive staff leading Battleground Texas also has an Organizing for Action (formerly Organizing for America; aka the Obama campaign) pedigree. A review of the backgrounds of 14 executives listed on the group’s website shows that 11 have worked for OFA, the DNC, the White House and the State Department. Additionally, six of the Battleground Texas team leaders held key posts for OFA in swing states (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Florida) during the 2012 election.

At the very top of the Battleground Texas team is Executive Director Jenn Brown, a seasoned campaign organizer. In the 2012 election cycle, Brown led 600 field staff members at the 130 field offices that OFA operated in Ohio alone.

Despite the massive head start that Battleground Texas has enjoyed, there is little evidence that the voter registration push (or the fundraising) will pay off in 2014. Based on current polling data, it appears that Republicans will likely keep control of the governor’s mansion as Abbott enjoys a strong lead over Davis. …

But 2014 is not the ultimate prize for Battleground Texas. The Democrats have invested in their network of field offices and embedded operatives on college campuses and the technical support from the DNC and OFA with eyes on the 2016 presidential, congressional and statehouse races—and beyond.

You can read more by clicking on the link above. The left may hope for a turn to blue or even purple in 2016, but it's not going to happen. I won't say that it will not happen in the future, but 2016 is a dream. Wendy Davis and the rest of the Democrats running for statewide office have turned out to be fairly weak candidates so far and that has not helped Battleground Texas.

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