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1. Some People Are Just Stupid

The reaction by some to the story of the Lubbock Police officer who shot and killed a man goes to prove my point that we don't need everyone to vote. Why? Because we have a bunch of idiots out there walking around. Some are criticizing LPD for using lethal force instead of tasing the suspect. Some are blaming LPD for being "trigger happy" and wanting to kill. While others just hate cops and enjoy every second of bashing them.

Like KFYO, KCBD has a Facebook page and it's been a long running joke among many that their Facebook page features the largest collection of idiots we have ever seen. Sure, there are some smart people that post on there, but many on there leave me fearing for our nation and future. The cop bashing got so bad that KCBD had to do a story on training for LPD just to calm down some of the morons. It didn't really work, but who is really surprised. The best thing about it, or maybe the worst, is the fact that people will openly bash LPD on Facebook with their real names. Even the local newspaper doesn't have the guts to do that.

How anyone can openly be against LPD for what happened Monday night is beyond me. Remember, this all took place at night and the call that LPD got was that the suspect had a gun. They didn't know he only had a knife, and even if they did we still have the fact that the suspect tried to stab a Police Officer. Sorry, this scumbag gets no sympathy from me.

Again, good job to LPD and thank you for doing what you do. Sorry we have so many idiots walking around that just want to bash the police because they can't think of anything better to do.

2. Is Today the Day? (link)

Will today be the day we learn of the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare? Maybe.

Television cameras will surround the Supreme Court on Thursday morning, as they did Monday, anticipating something that may, again, not happen.

The momentous healthcare decision could be announced Thursday. Or not. All we really know is that it is extremely likely to be handed down by the following Thursday, June 28, when the court is expected to end its current term.

The court works in secrecy as it prepares its opinions, and outsiders might be surprised to learn that  some of its work is done at the last minute. The justices would have voted almost immediately after three days of oral arguments last March on whether President Obama’s healthcare overhaul is constitutional. Although that vote would normally have determined the outcome of the case, there is a lot of back and forth before the majority opinion and the dissents, if any, are finished.

Last Friday was the deadline for justices to hand in dissents. Then whoever is writing the majority opinion – the betting is on Chief Justice John G. Roberts  Jr. – has the option of responding to any criticism of the ruling in his own opinion.

Any predictions?

3. Executive Privilege (link)

President Obama in a last minute attempt to block a contempt vote (that ultimately passed a House panel) claimed executive privilege. The move was intended to protect Eric Holder and to prevent the DOJ from having to disclose documents.

Immediately after the House oversight committee voted along party lines to approve the contempt recommendation, Speaker John A. Boehner, Republican of Ohio, said the full chamber would vote on the request next week unless Mr. Holder turned over more documents related to the botched gun-trafficking investigation known as “Fast and Furious.”

The president’s move to invoke executive privilege was the first time that he had asserted his secrecy powers in response to a Congressional inquiry. It elevated a fight over whether Mr. Holder must turn over additional documents about the gun case into a constitutional struggle over the separation of powers.

Months in the making, the developments on Wednesday moved the dispute to a new level of partisan acrimony in the midst of a presidential election. Democrats said the move was intended to embarrass Mr. Holder and inflict political damage on the administration, noting that Congress has never cited a sitting attorney general for contempt.

But Republicans accused the administration of a “cover-up” and questioned the validity of Mr. Obama’s claim of executive privilege for internal Justice Department deliberations.

“Our purpose has never been to hold the attorney general in contempt,” said the committee’s chairman, Representative Darrell Issa, Republican of California. “Our purpose has always been to get the information the committee needs to complete its work — that it is not only entitled to, but obligated to do.”

In a statement, Mr. Holder portrayed the committee’s action as “political theater,” saying Mr. Issa was trying to “provoke an avoidable conflict between Congress and the executive branch” as an “election-year tactic.”


4. VP Pawlenty? (link)

Tim Pawlenty for VP? According to Politico, it could happen.

Tim Pawlenty has jumped to the top of the vice presidential shortlist of several Mitt Romney advisers after emerging as the most effective — and well-liked — surrogate for the GOP nominee-to-be, according to several Republicans familiar with campaign deliberations.

The former Minnesota governor has impressed top Romney officials with his winning onstage presence at a grueling roster of Republican events throughout the country and with his low-maintenance personal style that has made him a favorite with the campaign’s tight-knit inner circle at the Boston headquarters.

What are your thoughts on Tim Pawlenty?

5. Dumb Story of the Morning (link)

More stupid people.

The parents of an Irvine elementary school student are accused of planting drugs on a parent volunteer at their son's school.

Jill and Kent Easter, both attorneys, were arrested on Tuesday and face felony charges. The 38-year-olds are accused of conspiring to try to have a parent volunteer at their son's elementary school in Irvine arrested.

Police allege Kent Easter placed a bag of drugs, including Vicodin and marijuana, in the woman's vehicle, then made up a fake name and called police on Feb. 16, 2011, claiming the volunteer had been driving erratically and was parked at Plaza Vista School. Officers responded to the scene and found drugs in her car.

"She was shocked. She had no idea where those items came from," said Irvine Police Lt. Julia Engen. "Things just didn't seem to add up."

The volunteer, who police referred to as Jane Doe, was detained for about two hours but not arrested. The investigation turned to the Easters.

Police say Kent Easter was caught on surveillance video at a hotel near his workplace in Newport Beach, calling police to report Jane Doe. The couple allegedly called and texted each other before and after the crime.

Tiffany Pan, the Easters' babysitter, says she's shocked.

"They're always so positive and happy, and I just can't imagine them even doing anything like this," Pan said.

Police say Jill Easter was upset with the parent volunteer because the couple believed the woman was not properly supervising their son.

6. Good Brews Good News of the Day (link)

Man rescues two in two days.

Gus Hertz knew the plane was going to crash. It was descending too fast, and the wind was too strong. Hertz’s plan for a relaxing afternoon of fishing was over.

”I thought, ’Oh, no, I can’t believe this is happening,’?” said Hertz, 37. ” I knew he was going to crash before he even went into the water.”

So for the second time in two days, Hertz — here for summer vacation from Roanoke, Va. — rushed to the rescue.

Just a day earlier, he and another man were hailed as Good Samaritans when they pulled a driver from a car that veered into the water near the Isla Key Bridge.

Hertz’s instincts again took over Thursday when he saw the plane crash in a channel near the Sunshine Skyway bridge.

Hertz dropped his fishing rod, raced to the plane and dragged the pilot and his passenger into his four-person boat and headed to shore.

Emergency responders took over once they arrived at O’Neill’s Marina nearby.

Like Wednesday, Hertz made a quick exit, leaving before the news media arrived. He didn’t want the spotlight.

St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue officials already were making plans to honor Hertz for his actions Wednesday when officials realized he was the rescuer in Thursday’s plane crash.

”He barely took a thank you and just left,” said fire Lt. Joel Granata. ” He was just at the right place at the right time — two days in a row. That’s incredible.”

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