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Perry Rising

The Washington Post says Governor Rick Perry is on fire right now when it comes to 2016. Perry is doing better in the polls and his name ID is being looked at as a good thing.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) is still something of a punchline after his disastrous 2012 presidential campaign. As he prepares to run again in 2016, there's nowhere to go but up.

Which is precisely where he appears to be going. In the national spotlight again because of the crisis on the southern border, Perry seems to be working his way into GOP voters' favor again.

Witness two new polls this week.

The first poll, from NBC News and Marist College, showed Perry right up there with the frontrunners in Iowa, pulling 7 percent of the vote. He was also the second choice of 11 percent of voters. That's by far his best showing in an early Iowa poll. (He also hit a new high in New Hampshire -- albeit at 5 percent.)

Then there is this new poll Friday from Gallup. The pollster measured how favorably Republican voters felt toward their top potential 2016 presidential candidates.

And guess who finished a close third out of the 11 candidates tested? A certain Texas governor.

While it's too early to say that Perry is a favorite for 2016, it would be stupid to count him out. He has been a very successful Governor of a successful state. He has a message that he can sell. Perry also plays well across the Republican party. He isn't too far to the right or left or even in the middle.

Graham Warns Republicans About 2016

According to FOX News, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham blamed the current border crisis on President Obama but also believes that Republicans could be in trouble come 2016.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham blamed the border crisis on President Obama, but also argued his Republican Party is doomed in the 2016 presidential race unless the House GOP next year helps fix the country’s broken immigration policies.

“I blame Obama for this moment,” Graham told NBC’s “Meet the Press.” If Congress doesn’t pass immigration-reform legislation in 2015 “our chances in 2016 are very low. The House should lead.”

Graham also said that 2008 immigration laws must be changed before he supports Obama’s recent request to Congress for an additional $3.7 billion to help with the crisis at the U.S./Mexico border, where tens of thousands of Central American children and others have crossed into the United States in recent months with hopes of fleeing widespread poverty and violence.

The law, intended to curb human trafficking, prevents children entering from non-bordering countries from being immediately sent home.

The Republican-controlled House has already indicated its unwillingness to agree to the additional spending.

The Democrat-controlled Senate last year passed comprehensive immigration reform, but such legislation has stalled in the lower chamber.

Graham’s comments followed those made earlier on “Fox News Sunday’ by fellow Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz, who largely pinned the crisis on Obama’s 2012 executive memo and escalated Democrats and Republicans blaming each other for making the Central American children victims in the ordeal.

“The cause of this crisis is the promise of amnesty,” he told “Fox News Sunday.”

While something needs to be done about our immigration system, I don't believe that it is do or die for Republicans in 2016. Illegal immigration is a problem right now and most seem to be blaming President Obama and his policies. Republicans should be able to point that out.

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