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Republican Outsiders Rise

Forget about the Summer of Trump, as a new national poll points out, this could the Summer of Outsiders. According to POLITICO, the latest national poll still has Donald Trump ahead of everyone else with 30% support but it also shows that Ben Carson is now in second with 18%.

But if the latest head-to-head numbers are any indication, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, not Bush, might represent his greatest obstacle yet.

The businessman leads the field of 17, with 30 percent pledging their support to him, followed by Carson at 18 percent. For Trump, it's an overall increase of four percentage points since last month's survey before the first GOP debate, while Carson jumped 13 points.

As for Bush, if his new strategy of aggressively taking on Trump is working, there's no evidence of it in the Monmouth poll: His overall numbers continued to sink, putting him in third place with 8 percent, along with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

It's a decrease of 4 points since the last Monmouth national poll in August and comes amid concerns about the former Florida governor's fundraising and the daily volley of personal attacks from Trump, who on Wednesday suggested that Bush should only speak English while he is in the United States.

Bush's fellow Floridian, Sen. Marco Rubio, picked up 5 percent, while former Hewlett-Packard executive Carly Fiorina and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee followed with 4 percent each. Rounding out the field, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker picked up 3 percent, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul each earned 2 percent, with all other candidates earning 1 percent or less.

Overall, 67 percent of those polled — registed voters who said they are Republicans or lean Republican — said they would prefer the next president to come from outside government, while just 26 percent said they would prefer someone who had government experience. Neither Trump nor Carson have ever served in elected office.

Trump's advantage cuts across ideological, tea party, age and gender lines, with Carson in second place in all subgroups.

And in matchups among Republican voters and those leaning Republican, Trump prevailed in all but one: against Carson, who got 55 percent to Trump's 36 percent in a hypothetical matchup.

Carson earned the highest favorability numbers among all candidates, with 67 percent favorable and 26 percent unfavorable, a net positive of 41 points.

Trump's rise is fueled by two things. His outsider status and media hype. Carson is also an outsider that has received very little attention compared to Trump and he is still pulling in 18%. This tells me that Republican voters aren't in love with Trump, they love outsiders right now. It's hard for me to believe that both Trump and Carson can keep this up long term but it will be interesting to watch.

Another thing I take away from this poll is the terrible numbers for Scott Walker. It's early but Walker's people can't be too happy with where he is polling right now.

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