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Obama in Austin

President Obama was in Texas yesterday and while speaking in Austin he focused on the economy and bashing Republicans rather than talking about the border. The Austin American-Statesman pulled some of the President's quotes:

President Barack Obama has wrapped up a more than 40-minute address at the Paramount Theatre in which he sought to connect his economic policies and priorities with the lives and struggles of “real” people.

“It’s good to get out of Washington,” he said.

He repeatedly cited the example of Kinsey Button, a University of Texas who wrote a letter to the president describing her family’s financial struggle. That letter led to Button being chosen to introduce the president Thursday.

“When I listen to Kinsey, I think about me and Michelle trying to finance our college education,” Obama said. “The stories I hear in these letters are our stories.”

He cited job gains and other economic improvements during his presidency but also acknowledged, “the fact is, we’ve got a long way to go” to implementing what he described as an “opportunity agenda.”

He then turned his attention to Republicans, who he said “have voted down every serious idea to strengthen the middle class.”

“The best thing you can say for them is this year they have not shut down the government,” Obama said, adding, “but it’s only July.”

Obama mentioned Republican threats to sue him over his actions. “You hear: “Sue him.’ ‘Impeach him.’ Really? You’re going to sue me for doing my job?”

The president said Republicans never complained when President George W. Bush issued “more executive orders than me.”

Two men in the audience stood up, apparently to protest immigration policies.

“Sit down, guys, I’m almost done. We’ll talk about it later,” Obama said. He told them he is on their side and stopped the protesters from being escorted out.

The president urged the capacity crowd at the Paramount to not give in to cynicism. “America is making progress, despite what the cynics say,” he said.

The president finished his speech at 1:27 p.m., spending several minutes shaking hands with audience members. He also met with the two protesters behind the stage.

The President repeated one of his new favorite lines that the country is better now than it was when he first took office. He must be living in a fantasy-world because I don't believe that most people would agree with him on that.

While the President continues to mock Republicans and say they aren't doing their job, the crisis on the border continues and the President of the United States has done nothing.

City Council Budget and Meeting

The Lubbock City Council met yesterday, but before the meeting started they had already made news.

During a budget workshop it was reported via Twitter from the AJ's Stevie Poole that in the preliminary budget, those who were hoping for lower taxes would be disappointed. According to Poole's tweets the early work on the budget calls for a property tax increase. The budget also cut money for LEDA, though the Mayor warned that they "don't want to neuter our economic development". The Mayor then asked the council to attend the next meeting with solutions.

While this is only the preliminary budget, citizens should be concerned.

Later that evening the city council met for their regular meeting where they again heard from members of the leftist group, West Texas Smoke-Free Coalition. The group who is attempting to grow government and ban smoking urged the city council to pass an ordinance at their next meeting.

The city council also moved forward with plans to buy the Omni building but did build in time for a feasibility study to be completed and the council can still back out if they need to.

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